Our Staff

Anthony Novak

Anthony Novak
Chief Farming Officer

With over a decade of cultivation experience, our Chief Farming Operating Officer, Anthony Novak, has a long track record of working with some of the principal companies and leaders in the cannabis community.  Anthony’s ability to create a positive, productive working environment allows him to build the most prolific grow teams available to the trade.  Not only does he bring extensive grow knowledge to the team, his dedication to go above and beyond in his career has led him to successfully develop product branding and commercial extraction processes for some of the dominate organizations in the industry. His expertise has had no limit, from becoming a cultivation educator to working closely with many industry professionals.

Creating grow plans for companies to increase revenue and better quality is just the beginning of his many talents.  He has helped grow higher yields while using less energy, focusing on becoming an eco-friendly grower. Using his experience, drive and knowledge, Anthony extends his talents to designing climate controlled water-cooled HVAC and lighting systems for entire grow facilities. Anthony’s understanding of designing, building and managing facilities in multiple markets has positioned him to become a key leader in the commercial cannabis industry.


scott berman


Scott Berman has been a cannabis leader in every aspect of business and activism with years of knowledge and experience. Raising awareness of esoteric business angles for marijuana ventures to working closely with those advocating for rules and regulations! Scott serves as Passport Cannabis´s CEO and works closely with our marketing team .

In 2007 Scott co-founded a data-driven digital ad agency called Audience Partners. The company specialized in running online campaigns for Politics & Healthcare. In 2014, he ran online campaigns to legalize marijuana in states that were voting on ballot measures. After seeing political changes coming everywhere, he co-founded a Cannabis sales & distribution business in California.

In 2017, he started investing in Cannabis ventures in the US and abroad. With Scott´s background and passion, Passport is sure to a definitive leader in the industry.


Krysta Jones
Director of Cultivation

With eight years of experience, Krysta Jones, has worked with top dispensaries throughout Colorado, positioning her to be an expert leader at Passport Cannabis. Krysta has relocated to Portland, Oregon to be Director of Cultivation with Passport Cannabis. With her eager determination, managerial skills and grow formulas, Passport Cannabis will always be in a position to grow just like the plants we harbour.

Krysta held her last position for seven years at one of Denver’s first Clean Green dispensaries and led her team there as production manager. She is also the owner and operator of a modeling and promotions company; THE HIGH COUNTRY GIRLS (THC GIRLS) which has enabled her to bring a new experience to the marketing aspect of our industry. The THC girls are a team of women who have a passion for modeling and helping others market themselves and gain exposure. They host events while educating people about marijuana.


Jeffery Winn
Distribution Manager

Jeffery Winn has been a seasoned  Business executive for over 40 years with experience on all sides of the market as a Seller, Buyer and a Broker. He has managed a sales force of more than thirty sales employees while helping his previous companies expand into new markets. Jeff has cross branded various companies, bringing them together, gaining knowledge along the way, which helps bring a unique perspective and understanding on what is important to our clients. By always caring for our clients needs and specializing in understanding the pulse of the marketplace, Jeffrey constantly brings value to  Passport Cannabis and all of our clients. 


Sanja Ganja

Director of sales & marketing

Sanja brings charisma, dedication and passion to the marijuana industry and has done so for over eight years. “Sanja Ganja” has recently been added to the team as Relationship Manager.

Her experience extends from managing teams of Budtenders while fully operating retail dispensaries to creating innovative new social media strategies for the industry. She has expertise in marketing and collecting data while inventing new ideas for software within the marijuana industry. Her creative drive is evident in her love for marijuana through podcast’s and networking as well as being involved in various cannabis community events. Sanja Ganja’s experience within marijuana synchronizes well with Passport’s vision of flower dynamics.


Scott Mccloud


Scott comes to Folium Farms with over 25 years’ experience providing financial leadership to both public and private equity owned companies. In the public company space, Scott spent 10 years as CFO of a NASDAQ listed $500 million national healthcare company. During his tenure as CFO, Scott implemented Sarbanes Oxley controls and SEC requirements, developed financial systems, and ran a high margin operation. Through strategic repositioning of the company, he drove shareholder value by increasing market cap from $250 million to $1.2 billion. In the private equity space, Scott was CFO for a 185 site dental organization where he took the business through a sale process that generated multiple bids.

Scott is very excited to join the Folium Farms team of artisan growers where he can combine his passion for cannabis and love of finance to position Folium Farms as the leading cannabis producer in Oregon.